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The Leading Carpet Gallery in Lebanon!

Luxurious Handmade Persian Rug,Antique Rug,Caucasian Rug,Modern Rug....

We specialize exclusively in the finest hand-woven Persian Rugs. All of our rugs are one-of-a-kind, so please visit our showroom and view thousands of handmade rugs to find the rugs of your dreams.


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What We Offer!

“رؤؤعه شي حلؤ اسعار وانواع ممتازه بتمنئ لكل يشوف هل شي لحلو يلي عندكم‎​.


Wahid Najjar

What Clients Say About Us!

Who we are:

Bahramloo Carpet Company has been operating from our original downtown Iran location since 1970 and expended in Lebanon since 1992. An Persian family-run business spanning Two generations, Bahramloo Carpet continues to provide and redefine unique, honest and premium service.

Bahramloo Carpet Carpet Lebanon

Our restoration is more than a service, it’s an art.

The hands that touch your rug are highly skilled. Our repair technicians and weavers are specially trained in the art of rug restoration and repair, carefully restoring damaged pieces to their original condition.


​“High quality carpets with original designs and reasonable prices! Love the colors and the uniqueness of each rug!

Ziad Salamoun

Our repair services include:

  • Binding
  • Alterations
  • Re-latexing backings
  • Sewing sleeves for wall hanging
  • Reinforcing weak areas
  • Replacing and removing fringe
  • Colour correcting
  • Blocking
  • Wool binding
  • Invisible re-weaving
  • Lock stitching
  • Patching​

About Us!